Dennis Beardsley

...the bigger fish went after the Titanic. It was a terrific four days with great fishing and fabulous weather. We made some believers in the Titanic during the trip.
Tight Lines


Anil Srivastava []

Titanic flies are exactly as advertised.  As a flyshop owner, I have access to thousands of commercial fly patterns.  The difference between Jay’s flies and so many others is that they are extensively tested, tweaked and improved constantly.  This is why they are consistently among the most productive surface patterns available.  Locally tied, great quality, fair price.


I just opened up my guide operation that is 17 still waters on a ranch. Fish wouldn't eat single damsel patterns, they destroy your Horny Damsel!

Gene Rivers

Jay, I've done well this week with your Titanic Caddis.

Mike K

First time I used the Titanic Caddis on the Green River in Flaming Geyser State Park it ended up becoming perforated so many fish hit it. I had to squeeze the water out of the foam to keep it floating. The fish wouldn't leave it alone. 

Used your cuda fly in Chetumal Bay, Mexico. Nailed a huge cuda right at the boat.


Used it this early summer on the Skokomish with similar results. Hooked and landed some picky fish. 


Robert G

Linda and I took the afternoon off yesterday and broke out a couple of 3 WT Bamboo rods and fished Mill Creek with Jay Paulsons Titanic Caddis.. Great evening of catching.

Tim H

Spanking bows on the titanic damsel! Got about 8 in an hour.

From "Patterns of Patagonia" DVD

During a 10 days fishing period period Henrik goes from the huge Leech fly, over Sunray Shadows, the new Scandinavian fly type Mr. Pinky and nymphs to end up with a Green Machine dry fly on sinking line to the new and VERY promising skating dry fly - Titanic.