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  • Jay Paulson

4 Reasons You Need to Fish a Titanic Dry Fly

It Moves

Dry flies sink when you move them, right? Not this fly. The foam is shaped like a boat hull.

The faster you move it, the better it floats. No more upstream only or just watching it sit there on a lake.

Floats like a Cork

It never sinks, that’s why I named it the Titanic 😊. Watch one bob and weave across the current and you’ll be hooked as well as the fish.

Cast it down and across, troll it, strip it – whatever! One guide in Wyoming has his clients strip the Titanic Horny Damsel with both hands as fast as they can. He has drone footage proof.

Catches Fish Like Crazy

One day I rose over 30 trout to a Titanic Caddis. A beginning flyfisher using one rose over 20. In Argentina I rose over 50 big searun browns to a Titanic Steelhead. Crazy claims, but true.

One day after working Titanics all day, an experienced guide told me, “this was the best day of guiding I’ve ever had!”

Catches Fish All Over the World

Titanics have worked in Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Norway, India, Iceland, UK, Brazil… Do you want me to go on? I can.

I’ve even shipped some to Saudi Arabia – the only country in the world that does not have a river.

Lou Rago with 20 lb plus steelhead on Titanic

Learn how to make one or better yet, buy some here!

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