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How to size a Titanic Hull

How to Make a Titanic Hull

Titanic hulls can be added to just about any dryfly. To start, you need 1, 2 or 3 mm foam depending on the size of the hook. Generally I use 1mm from #20-12, 2mm for #10-4 and 3mm for my 1/0 and 2/0 flies. See the video for sizing Titanic Hulls to see how to make your own for any fly size.

Then cut out each form just inside the pen mark. Doesn't matter that much, but looks better. Now here's why you need that "dot." Using a razor, cut from the dot to each edge on a slant. You'll want to angle towards you on the near cut and away for the second.

The result should look like the one below. Now fold it back a bit as shown and use a dubbing needle to put a thin layer of glue on one side only. I prefer gel super glue. You can use a spare piece of foam to squeeze some glue out to use. It takes a long time to dry, and is handy for doing more than one hull. 

Now pinch the tips together, then turn over and press the rest of it together. You can pinch and pull to get the shape correct. Use the dubbing needle to make sure there's a hole for the hook eye.

Tie the fly as you normally would, the example is my Titanic Stonefly. Then turn it over the vise and clip the bottom part flat. Use the dubbing needle to put a layer of glue on the bottom of the fly.

Slide the hull over the hook then push down to seat on the glue. Roll the dubbing needle back on smaller flies where your finger won't fit. The glued together edge is the top, or front, part of the hull.

That's it! Let me know how you did and send any questions to me.

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